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Graduation Caps

Graduation Requirements

We believe in holding all of our students to a high standard of achievement for graduation and offering high levels of support to ensure students can reach these standards. 


We want our students to be well prepared to make choices about their post-graduation path; moreover, our students will know what choices are available to them and be prepared to make that choice.
Graduates from Sonia Sotomayor students will: 

  • Complete the A- G requirements 

  • Take either the SAT or the ACT

  • Take the CSUs Early Assessment Program exams

  • Complete a service learning project that is an integral part of their studies

  • Successfully defend their proficiency demonstrations which are performance assessment projects such as papers, exhibits, presentations, and experiments that allow our students to demonstrate the ability to use the skills they have developed in their classwork over time in high school, especially since they are articulate and can communicate clearly and powerfully in writing. These demonstrations show their readiness to graduate. When students successfully discuss and defend this work with a selected panel of teachers and other adults, we can be assured that they have deeply understood the subjects studied. Beginning in ninth grade, students will be supported toward this goal with scaffolded steps.


Students must earn a grade of "D" or better in "A-G" courses, meet California Department of Education Requirements, and satisfy additional LAUSD requirements for graduation.

Semester courses earn 5 credits. Yearlong courses earn 10 credits. Exams do not earn any credits. 

For personalized guidance and assistance regarding graduation requirements, reach out to Mr. Orozco, our senior academic counselor.

UC and CSU
A-G Requirements


History/Social Science

1 year World History
1 year U.S. History 


4 years 



3 years



2 years


World Language

2 years


Visual & Performing Arts

1 year


College Preparatory Elective

1 year

Additional Requirements      
Principles of American Democracy – 1 semester
Economics – 1 semester      
Physical Education – 2 years      
Health – 1 semester      


Total Numerical Credits 210

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