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The CTE Agriscience Pathway at Sotomayor Arts and Sciences Magnet includes a comprehensive, 1.75 acre working farm built, run and maintained by the CTE Agriscience Pathway students. 


The farm at Sotomayor Magnet, is a learning laboratory and outdoor classroom for students. It includes livestock, a greenhouse, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, an active composting system and a natural landscape around a bioswale where students learn about habitat restoration by propagating and planting native plants. 


The Agriscience Pathway is a two-year sequence CTE Pathway. The Capstone course—Urban Farm to Table—teaches students to utilize their harvests from the farm to make nutritious, seasonal meals while also exploring cultural traditions and foodways. 


The goal of the pathway is to help students reconnect to the agrarian roots that we all share as humans, by learning about traditional and sustainable agricultural practices through hands on experience. Students grow their own food, compost green waste, manage food waste at the school site through livestock and restore the native habitat of the historic LA River Floodplain—where the school is located. In addition to helping students connect to their agrarian roots, these concepts and practices are also powerful climate mitigation tools. Students are able to make real impact on the health of the planet through the knowledge they develop in Sotomayor Magnet’s Agriscience program.  


CTE Agriscience Pathway Two-Year Course Sequence


Concentrator: CTE Agriscience A/B (D)

Capstone: CTE Urban Farm to Table A/B (G)

CTE Agriscience

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Community Partnerships


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Friends of the LA
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Sotomayor Magnet Community Families and Community Members are welcome to come to the tour from 10am-5pm on Sunday, April 14th 


Sotomayor Arts and Sciences Magnet Farm is honored to have been selected for the Theodore Payne Native Garden Tour 2024

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