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Clubs & Activities

Student clubs and organizations at our school offer diverse opportunities for students to engage in various clubs on campus actively. These clubs, such as WolfPAC Theatre, Black Student Union, Leadership, Social Ecology, Rock Band, Yearbook, and more, provide students with opportunities to explore their interests, develop leadership skills, and foster community. 


Whether through theatrical performances, cultural initiatives, environmental projects, musical pursuits, journalistic endeavors, or leadership development, our student clubs empower individuals to impact and cultivate a well-rounded educational experience positively. Joining these clubs opens doors to new friendships, creative expression, personal growth, and memorable experiences throughout your academic journey.

Guitar Lessons

Get Involved

Pencil and notepad

Associated Student Body

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Social Ecology

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Black Student Union Leadership

Band Practice B&W

Rock Band



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Colored Theatre Lights

Wolf-PAC Theatre

Lined Up Books

College Courses

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UCLA After School (9-12)

Calendar Pages


Math Class

Mentorship & Tutoring

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