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Technical Theater (Stage Tech)

In these courses, students will put their skills to the test in real-world scenarios by collaborating with student designers and directors to design, produce, and manage theatrical shows. They will be able to maintain order when both technical and creative issues arise and ensure that things run smoothly. In addition to technical proficiency and creative development, students will develop self-management, problem-solving, and analytical skills that contribute to lifelong learning, providing you with tools to help sustain long and productive careers beyond the entertainment industry.


Students will independently implement design skills such as needed research as part of the design process, defend their artistic choices both verbally and through design and artist statements, design from a text, and collaborate with a theater company requiring commitment and reliability. Instructional emphasis is placed on the creation, evaluation, adaptation, and interpretation of the following: (i) costume, hair, and makeup artistry, (ii) scenery design, construction, and stage properties, (iii) lighting design and technology, (iv) sound design/audio engineering and (v) house/stage management. 

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