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Both LAUSD as a district and Sotomayor Magnet for Arts and Sciences have developed procedures that are designed to keep our students and staff as safe as possible. Your familiarity with these procedures will help our response to any emergency be as orderly and productive as possible.


Please be sure your child's Emergency Card is up-to-date!


In the event of an earthquake or any other significant emergency, all students may need to be kept at school. The school has provisions for the entire school population to remain safely on campus for 72 hours.


  • Each fall students will be asked to bring in an earthquake kit with emergency food supplies that will be given to them in case of an earthquake.

  • Emergency drills are held monthly

  • Many Staff Members have been trained in First Aid through the Red Cross.

  • Children will only be released to a person listed on their emergency card.


Sotomayor regularly holds scheduled fire drills to prepare for the unlikely event of a fire on school property.  


In the event of heavy rainfall, earthquake or other emergencies, school closures will be broadcast on the radio prior to school time. If phones are operable, the school will phone you via Connect-Ed (a mass message system sent to your primary phone).


In the rare event  that a security-relat

In the rare event  that a security-related incident occurs near our school, we lock the gates and quickly move adults and children into closed inside areas until advised by the LAPD that the neighborhood is safe again and normal activities may be resumed. This is an extremely rare occurrence.


Shelter In Place is a short-term safety procedure that will help protect staff and students by having them take shelter inside the school if hazardous materials are released into the atmosphere. During a release of  hazardous materials, the air quality may be threatened. The goal of a Shelter In Place directive is to provide a barrier (the school building) between the students and the hazard in the environment. Please note that sheltering in place is usually a few hours in duration, not days or weeks.

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