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Captain Hollis - John Adriano 

Applegate - Edwin Suarez

Stimson - Grecia Herrera

Stone - Lesley Orozco

Lespere - Evelyn Jimenez

Barkley - Jeremy Gonzaga

Wood/Houston/Children - Karen Valladares


Chris Ayala

Shinwa Eugenio

Jeffrey Quijada



Glassell Park, Los Angeles, CA, 10/05/2020


Today, Sotomayor Wolfpack Theatre, with permission from Dramatic Publishing, announced the dates of their performance of Kaleidoscope by Ray Bradbury.  

Kaleidoscope will be performed Nov. 5, 6, and 7, 2020 at 6 pm providing theatre to the community for the first time since the beginning of the “stay at home” orders issued by Governor Newsom.  This performance will be streamed online, every precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of the student actors and staff, and the audience will have the opportunity to view the production live on the Sotomayor Wolfpack Theatre YouTube Channel by going to www.sotomayor.la/kaleidoscope.


Sotomayor’s new Theatre Director, Jason Hayes (2018 LAUSD Teacher of the Year) brings together students from grades 9-12 to create a theatre experience like no other. When asked about putting together a theatre season during a pandemic, Mr. Hayes responded “Challenging times can sometimes bring out our most nurturing and creative sides. What can I say? The show must go on!” Working with Technical Director and Teacher Alejandro Parra, the duo hopes to challenge students and audiences alike with creative production problem solving as well as questions about ourselves and our collective world view. 


“What would you do if you were a million miles from Earth and your rocket ship was hit by a meteor and suddenly split open, leaving you floating in space with only your communicator to link you to your six crew members? Don’t know? Faced with this problem, Bradbury’s people contemplate their fate and philosophize about life and its purpose. This play is not only a director’s dream of possibilities but also a marvelous chance for actors to dig into their beings and face questions of profound magnitude.” - Dramatic Publishing


Sotomayor Wolfpack Theatre

Jason Hayes





Kaleidoscope by Ray Bradbury is being produced by Sotomayor Wolfpack Theatre with expressed written permission from Dramatic Publishing. All characters are fictional. All actors and crew have been treated with safety protocols advised by the Center for Disease Control as well as those protocols put forth by the State of California.

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