Sotomayor Arts and Sciences Magnet is the heart for college and career ready education in the Northeast los angeles area. we provide our students and families with well-structured pathway programs in Agriculture & Natural Resources, theatre & Stage tech, and Visual arts. students have access to a full comprehensive athletics program. Our robust advanced placement program offers AP courses in math, science, english,  social studies, visual art and foreign language. we have a 25:1 student/teacher ratio. together, we believe we can strive to inspire students in developing an authentic love for academic achievement and career exploration. our goal is to provide students with a full and enriching academic program paired with lifework experience. Go wolves!


  • The Agriscience program at Sotomayor offers students a wealth of opportunities to explore ecology, traditional, sustainable and organic agriculture as  well as animal caretaking, foodways and the culinary arts. Students in the Agriscience program gain the skills and knowledge necessary to raise livestock, grow organic seasonal vegetables and field crops and cook meals with the ingredients that they've raised and grown. Upon completing the  Agriscience pathway, students will be ready to explore careers in Urban Agriculture, Nursery Management and Culinary Arts

  • Stage Design courses focus on the behind the scenes elements and processes of a theatrical production developed through theory and stage crew experiences. Students will learn design processes, project organization, creative problem-solving skills, theatrical equipment, and technology. Theater design students are trained in various roles as designers, technicians, assistants and managers. Students collaborate with the theater pathway and work on live productions and have the opportunity to provide technical support to community events gaining valuable employable skills. 

  • The Performing Arts Pathway is a three class progression that prepares students to be confident and articulate speakers and presenters as well as original thinkers. Students are prepared to work in one of the top job industries in Los Angeles, Entertainment. Theater is naturally a collaborative art form which allows students  to work in crews to complete creative projects all while acquiring self-confidence and self-discipline. Students will learn to enhance their creative thinking making them highly desirable employees and college applicants. Past students have gone on to full scholarships in some of the top theater schools in the United States including, CAL Arts and Cornish School of the Arts. 

  • This competency-based pathway consists of a sequence of three courses designed for alternative and renewable energy technology.  Students are provided with project-based experiences in photovoltaics (PV). Technical instruction includes workplace safety policies and procedures, resource management, trade mathematics, and employability skills. Emphasis is placed on photovoltaic energy as a viable source of alternative energy, basic electrical theories, electrical wiring principles and procedures, solar energy, and the operational fundamentals of PV modules. The competencies in this course are aligned with the California High School Academic Content Standards and the California Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards.

  • The Visual Arts Program at  Sotomayor offers students a wide range of opportunities to explore the history, technique, and concepts behind fine arts, traditional arts and graphic design. Students in the visual arts program learn a range of practical arts skills from traditional drawing to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to screen printing. Upon completing the Design, Visual, and Media Arts Pathway, students will be ready  to explore careers in Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Design, and  other related fields such as Public Practice, Curatorial and Museum Studies.